The Importance of a Powerful Introduction and Conclusion

No matter how many figures or tables you add to the assignment, still you fail to impress the tutor. The feedback and the grades are still not doing justice to the efforts you put into the papers. What can possibly go wrong!!

To score higher in your assignments, you need to master the art of impressing the audience. The readers should feel connected with the paper. It should be written in a manner that right from the first sentence the audience feels a connection and doesn’t stop reading until the conclusion. As we all know a good first impression is important. The same goes for academic writing. You have to learn to write a scoring introduction. Likewise, the paper should also have a remarkable ending. Experts suggest that both the introduction and the conclusion should be prepared by putting in some extra effort to score better. Our assignment helper team shares their views on the importance of writing a powerful introduction and conclusion. 

What are the benefits of a powerful introduction and conclusion?

An essay, a report, a presentation, or a research paper; whatever type of assignment you are working on, a beginning and a conclusion are inevitable parts of it. Having a strong opening sentence and power packed closing can make a great deal. It can impact the readers and surely get you higher grades. Our offered assignment help is highly popular among the students because our writers pay attention to the beginning and the ending parts and help students to score better. Formulating a great start and an impressive ending is beneficial in many ways, such as:

  • Strong first impression

  • Strong outline

  • Readers get a crisp idea of what’s coming ahead

  • Succinct conclusions result in the satisfaction

  • Clever way to portray your thoughts

The introductions and the conclusions are the most focused parts of an assignment. You need to pay special attention while drafting them because chances are high that these two paragraphs are the first things that your tutor goes through and estimates the grades you deserve.

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How to make the introduction strong?

We have decades of expertise in offering online assignment help and our team can swear by the importance of having a powerful thesis statement or a crisp conclusion. In case you want to have an impressive start to your essay writing or research paper, you can follow the tips discussed below:

  • Begin with a fact

  • Resist telling a story but try to grab the attention of the readers

  • Set the scene right with a question

  • Always start with smaller sentences at the beginning 

  • Clearly state your thesis or problem statement

  • Write the intro part in the last to make it crisp 

  • Revise and add thoughts to hook the readers 

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How to write a strong conclusion?

Just like a great start to a paper, the ending is equally important. The wrap up should also be interesting enough so that your tutor is impressed and gives you higher grades. The checklist for a strong conclusion can include the following:

  • Do not miss any argument discussed in the paper

  • Keep the sentences short but not painfully short that looks rude

  • Try to connect the theme of the conclusion with the introduction 

  • It would be easier when you rephrase the introduction 

  • Address the assignment question and restate it with a bigger picture 

  • Don’t end the paper abruptly but leave the readers with something to ponder

  • The last few sentences should give a sense of ending

  • Avoid using any new evidence in the conclusion 

While writing an introduction you begin with general sentences and then the paper progresses towards more specific content. On the other hand, the conclusion paragraph begins with thesis specific sentences and the last few sentences are general ones to wrap up the thoughts.

Final word

The efforts you put in to compile the assignments should reflect both at the beginning and at the end of the paper. Following the tips shared by our assignment writers will make the task somewhat easier. Give it a try and if you are not able to do it on your own, you can refer to the section of free samples to learn how experts begin and end an academic paper. For more guidance, you can contact us 24/7 and avail our assignment help services.

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