What Is Quantitative Research? | Definition & Methods

Quantitative research is the process that involves the collection and analysis of different numerical data. The process of quantitative research is taken into use for determining the trends and averages, making predictions, testing out relationships, and deriving results related to large populations and it is the best process for carrying out all these. This method is largely taken into use in the subjects like natural and social sciences which include for example biology, chemistry, psychology, economics, sociology, marketing, and different other subjects in which large data includes.

For students of marketing or those who are pursuing an MBA, they must have good knowledge of Quantitative research and its different methods, because it will help them at the time of their practice and also include different research data on assignments. We provide the best MBA Assignment Help for our dedicated students so that they can bring good marks in their MBA courses. In this article, we have discussed Quantitative research and its different methods.

What is quantitative research?

A systematic investigation through which you can investigate a phenomenon by collecting quantifiable data and performing techniques like statistical, mathematical, or computational is quantitative research. By using the sampling methods and making online surveys, online polls and questionnaires information can be collected from existing and potential customers through quantitative research.

In this type of research, the main characteristic is that the results can be represented in numerical form. By quantitative research understanding the numbers carefully, it can be possible for businesses to predict the future of their products and services and which helps them to make changes according to that.

Take, for example, surveys taken for understanding how long a doctor can take to attend to a patient when the patient enters the hospital and the type of questions asked in quantitative research.

Quantitative research is conducted mostly in social science and statistical method is used in a research study for collecting quantitative data. This is a method of research in which the researchers and statisticians utilize mathematical frameworks and theories regarding the quantity under question. The results that are derived from the method of the research are logical, biased, and statistical. Such data can be collected using the structured method and are usually conducted on larger samples like the whole population.

As we have explained quantitative research is data-oriented totally. For conducting quantitative research following two methods are used:

  • Primary quantitative research methods, and

  • Secondary quantitative research methods.

We will now explain them.

What Is Quantitative Research?

Primary methods

For conducting market research, the method that is widely used is primary quantitative research. The researchers when using the distinct features of primary research, focus directly on the collection of data and do not depend upon the data that are collected previously on any research. Primary research is further divided into the following flow of process:

Techniques and types of studies

There are various types of primary quantitative research. They are further divided into four distinct methods:

Survey research:

Two types of surveys come under survey research they are;

  • A cross-sectional survey, and

  • Longitudinal survey.

Correlational research:

Here is an example of correlational research questions:

  • The relationship between stress and depression.

  • The equation between fame and money etc.

Casual comparative research

And experimental research

Data collection methodologies

Data collection is divided into various sampling methods and data can be collected by using surveys and polls.

There are two sampling methods they are: probability sampling and non-probability sampling

Data analysis technique

The third aspects of the primary quantitative research design are data analysis. In this technique, some precise statistical methods are used such as:

  • SWOT analysis.

  • Conjoint analysis.

  • Cross tabulation.

  • TURF analysis.

Secondary methods

The research method which used the already existing data or secondary data is referred to as secondary quantitative research or desk research. By summarizing and collating the existing data the overall effectiveness of the research can be increased.

Following are the five popular secondary quantitative research methods that are taken in to use:

Available data over the internet: with vast access to the internet and mobile devices it has become very easy to conduct quantitative research with the help of the internet. Most of the research topics have vast information which is easily available over the internet. So, the data which are already available will be relevant. 

Sources of government and non-government as well: the vast information that is available from the government and non-government sources which deal with the reports of the market research will be helpful to conduct secondary quantitative research. The data from these sources are highly reliable and are explained in dept and are reliable.

Public libraries: there are many public libraries where copies of important research available which are conducted earlier.

Educational institutions: in-depth research is done by educational institutions on multiple topics. Such research is valid and important.

Commercial information sources: local newspapers, magazines, and journals are also great sources to gather authentic and valid data.

For conducting quantitative research following two methods are used:


So, it can be understood from the article that the collection and analysis of the data from different sources in a structural way is quantitative research. At Treat assignment help AU our expert writer provides the best MBA Essay Help.


What are the four types of quantitative research?

There are four main types of quantitative research they are as follows:

  • Descriptive.

  • Correlational.

  • Casual-comparative/quasi-experimental and

  • Experimental research.

What does quantitative research mean?

the method of quantitative research deals with numbers, logic, and an objective stance. The main focus of quantitative research is on numeric and unchangeable data and details and convergent reasoning and not on divergent reasoning.

What is quantitative research also called?

Quantitative research is also called quasi-experimental research, it is used by researchers to conclude the cause-effect equation between two and more variables.

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