What Is The Concept Of Management: Definition And Characteristics

There is a large body of literature available on the concept of management. Indeed, the vast availability of literary sources sometimes makes things difficult for students. Therefore, taking assignment help from the subject matter experts makes the most sense.

Researchers have studied management concepts extensively; as a result, students get to learn about multiple theories like scientific management, administrative management, behavioural management and contingency management.

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The concept of management

Kaehler and Grudei (2018) conducted a study to investigate a new definition of the concept of management, it was because these researchers reaffirmed that the textbook definitions are ‘vague’. These researchers conducted a broad survey to bring forth a definition that precisely enunciates the features or characteristics of the concept of management.

Three different aspects are involved in the concept of management, i.e. planning, organizing and controlling. These aspects are basically focused on the management of people, finance and goods. The concept of management can be summarized as a process of coordinating these three attributes. However, the objectives have remained the same in every study conducted, though characteristics present a different perspective altogether.

Hence, confusion becomes inevitable for students because the concept of management is vast and incorporates a range of activities.

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How do you define the concept of management?

The concept of management applies to the planning and coordination of organizational resources (people, finance and materials) to achieve specific goals.

  • Harold Koontz and Cyril O'Donnell define the concept of management as a process to maintain an environment of efficiency.

  • Peter Drucker considers the concept of management as the art to get things done.

  • Whereas, Henry Mintzberg reaffirmed that the concept of management is the art of coordination.

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How do you define the concept of management?

What are the characteristics of the concept of management?

The concept of management emphasizes two elements, i.e. people and the process of coordination. Some key characteristics of management are listed below:

Management is based on specific goals

Managers establish targets before implementing the concept of management. This entails that the concept of management is goal oriented.

Management is done strategically

Strategic management refers to the idea of determining the threats and opportunities to broaden the capabilities to achieve the identified objectives.

Management is based on collaboration

The concept of management implies effective relationships between stakeholders. Hence, it includes collaboration between the employees, suppliers, shareholders as well as customers.

Management is both systematic and adaptive

There are plenty of complex tasks that need to be accomplished in order to implement the concept of management. Therefore a structured approach becomes essential. Although, the importance of the ability to respond to external forces or internal changes is also evident in the literature. 

What are the characteristics of the concept of management?

How to score higher in the concept of management assignments?

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Bottom line

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