Tutorial Questions of Marketing Management

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Here are some of the tutorial questions related to marketing management:

Define market?

A market is traditionally defined as a natural or virtual gathering place where purchasers and sellers congregate to purchase and sell goods and services. Fruits, vegetables, seafood, clothing, electronics, and other everyday essentials may be found in these markets. They are purchased directly from the buyer, which entails a negotiation procedure. On the other hand, markets in modern times are not similar to traditional markets, except that the market does not have to be physical. Instead, current marketplaces serve as intermediaries between purchasers and sellers of a product or service. Thus, products/services that are everyday essentials and durable things such as plates, knives, fans, and so on may be found at modern marketplaces.

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Define the exceptional features of marketing?

Here are some of the basic features of marketing:

  • Customer-centric marketing is highly recommendable, which means customers are to be treated as king or God within the marketing firm;

  • Marketing could be beneficial if done mutually, which means both customers and suppliers can satisfy their needs;

  • Marketing is based upon values, and this means that marketing could only be successful if all the market needs are being valued adequately by the entire firm;

  • Both the external and internal environment of the firm must be controlled and coordinated correctly for better outcomes.

What are the advantages of sales promotion?

The shape and characteristics of a brand can be given via promotions. In addition, an effective sales promotion may cultivate connections with customers via their retention and engagement. Some of the advantages of sales promotion are as under:

It can help a brand to differentiate itself from that of others;

  • A sales promotion permits the scope of communication to the brands upon its packaging and other events;

  • Sales promotion helps in creating a platform for selling and upselling of the products;

  • Sales promotion will lead to more sales and hence generation of more significant revenue;

  • Supports customers by simplifying their decisions concerning choosing up of a product or give them a reason to buy the same over others;

  • It helps create a focused approach to marketing by allowing a firm to focus upon all the marketing channels.

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What are the disadvantages of sales promotions?

Here are certain demerits of sales promotions:

  • As a marketing technique, sales promotion cannot stand alone. However, as long as the format is combined with advertising and personal selling, it will be successful and vice versa.

  • Due to a lack of educated and experienced salespeople or a lack of supporting infrastructure.

  • It can help in generating sales only for a short period as people tends to forget one advertisement as soon the other one is revealed;

  • Producers may push lower or low-quality items or packaging to make quick money. Price cuts for new products may also indicate low brand confidence, leading to fewer sales in the long term. As a result, the brand's image may suffer, and short-term sales may be affected.

Define Customers?

Individual, or group of person’s or organization that receives commodities, services, products, or ideas in exchange for money or anything of equal worth from another individual or corporation can be defined as customers. The customer is considered the lifeblood of any firm. Typically, the greater the number of consumers, the more successful the firm, and vice versa. Businesses require customers for their items to be purchased. A consumer may not buy your product right now, but they may do so in the future, as long as they stay in your target market.

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Define pricing and its importance in marketing?

Without pricing, marketing is impossible, so pricing could be defined as the best-offered value in exchange for a good or service. It is a significant part of the marketing mix, and it has an impact on both consumers and sellers. When making pricing selections, it's essential to consider both the strategic environment and the market's current state. There is no such thing as too high or too low prices. If the price is too high, consumers will flee, and the business will suffer, but the company may go out of business if the price is too low. Thus it could be considered as an essential part of the marketing. 

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