What Is Management? Definition, Functions And Levels

As a management student, you must already know that management is the process of coordinating resources to achieve organizational objectives. The definition seems so vague because a lot of activities or functions are involved in the process of coordination or organisation. Needless to say, management is a critical function as due to its dynamic nature, it becomes essential for students to seek assignment help and score higher.

Thousands of students face challenges in writing a precise definition of management. This is when MBA assignment help experts come to the rescue. There is nothing wrong with seeking expert guidance because it is very difficult to give an absolute definition of the process of management and its function. Below are the reasons, all of the provided definitions are considered vague:

  • The concept of management has been studied extensively by different scholars

  • Each scholar interprets the functions of management differently

  • Literary angles or perspectives on management process are in abundance

  • People are a crucial element of management, which makes it dynamic in nature

To put it simply, there is no shortage of literary resources to define management. Though, varying angles and differing perspectives make things difficult for students who have an assignment due tonight. Rather than feeling lost, order management assignment help and refer to the definition discussed in this post.

How to define management?

There are countless scholars and experts who provided a definition of management. An underpinning of the available literature outlines that it is a complex and multi-faceted concept. Below are some management definitions given by scholars:

  • Cyril O Donnell studied that individuals with selective aims work in groups to create an environment where they improve their efficiency and achieve the identified goals.

  • As per the definition, management is all about collaboration to achieve targets.

  • The contemporary definition of management is given by the International Organisation for Standardization. The definition indeed emphasises collaboration, though includes the aspect of sustainability. It is determined that modern management practices identify the importance of environmental, social and economic sustainability to achieve goals.

To summarize these definitions, the concept of management involves coordinating different resources.

On the other hand, considering the contemporary definition of management, it can be said that the concept of sustainability has become the essential attribute to achieve the organisational objectives hence its significance in collaboration or coordination of organisational resources cannot be ignored.

How to define management?

What are the top functions in management?

Management functions are interrelated and effective implementation of these functions is crucial to achieving the organisational objectives. The following are the organisational objectives identified by scholars:

  • Planning: It is the first and most important function of management because it also includes anticipation of future challenges. Objectives are defined and strategies are developed in the planning function.

  • Organising: The structure is prepared for achieving the objectives of the organising function. Contemporary organisations include the process of communication, authority building and decision making in this function.

  • Staffing: This function involves assigning tasks and responsibilities to specific individuals who possess the skills and expertise to achieve the determined objectives.

  • Directing: It is a leadership function that involves motivating team members to reach their fullest potential. Managing conflicts and providing guidance are essential processes of this function.

  • Coordinating: This function involves the development of a system or work schedules to ensure that different departments can work together efficiently.

  • Reporting: This function involves identifying specific performance metrics and monitoring the performance of every individual in the group. Benchmarks are established to confirm that accountability and collaboration elements are practiced effectively by the team members.

  • Budgeting: It is also part of the planning and decision making function, where resource allocation is done for the identified organisational aims.

How to define the levels of management?

There are three different levels in management that work together to accomplish the determined objectives, such as:

Top-level management: This level is responsible to determine the vision, mission, objectives and strategies of an organisation. CEO, CFO or COO are the positions at the top-level management.

Middle-level management: The development of an action plan for the directions given by the top-level, is the responsibility of the mid-level management. Regional managers or department managers are the key positions at this level.

Lower-level management: This level of management ensures that the given action plan is effectively implemented by the team. They basically supervise the plan and are identified as team leaders.

How to define the levels of management?

How to write an assignment on the levels and functions of management?

Thousands of students dread assignment writing because of their poor academic writing skills. If you have an assignment due on the levels and functions of management, make sure to research well and find the most intriguing evidence. The definitions are vague, so include as many references to support your point.

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What are the benefits of ordering management coursework help?

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Is it safe to order marketing dissertation help online?

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Closing thoughts

Management functions and levels are aimed at coordinating different processes to achieve the identified goals and objectives. Indeed, it is a vast topic with so many perspectives that taking MBA assignment help becomes essential. Contact Treat Assignment Help to submit a compelling paper on effective management functions and practices.

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