20 Trendy Marketing Assignment Topics for Scholars to Select This 2021

When you are a marketing scholar, it is quite understandable that the majority of your time will be spent working on various assignments. However, with this, you also got a chance to broaden your horizons by understanding the variety of areas and excelling in your skills. Although in most cases when the professor gives marketing research paper prompt to scholars they usually got stuck during the process of selecting correct research topics for their research. Well, you are not alone who find themselves stuck in this process, we bet that it happens to many students that they sit for minutes or even hours opening blank pages on their screen, unsure of what to write about. But it is not the time for you to surrender!

It is important for the professional who wants to make their carrier in marketing to always keep up with the latest trends and topics of the marketing trends in the industry. With the increasing different marketing practices, every marketing scholar needs to devote their effort and time in understanding, upskilling and learning the marketing core. 

In this post, we have put together the list of the top 8 trendy marketing assignment topics for which you can use to get good grades in your academics. You can simply use them directly for your research work or can tweak them as per your liking.

How can you select the right research topic for your research project?

Before you dive into the topic details, you need to understand the topic and familiarize yourself with those topics as well. All you need to do is to do some brainstorming this will involve different marketing topics on which you would like to write on.

We understand that personal interest is important. Therefore we recommend you choose a topic that will involve and target your readers' interest. Here are a few things you should consider while selecting a research topic:

  • Always consider your interest as well as your reader interest to choose or write your research topic.

  • Do not consider writing your research paper as an essay. Research papers require a deeper understanding and knowledge about the topic you have selected. It also requires factual data that provides a stronger base for your assignment paper. Therefore, always consider a strong factual database for your research paper.

  • In most cases, it is found that many students tend to put their research work on hold and leave it until they hit their assignment deadline. Therefore, always keep in mind that you are not a robot who can write your assignment in the end time. Understand that you cannot complete your research paper in just one sitting. You must invest adequate time to research to make it successful writing and to secure a great score. 

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20 trendy marketing research topics 

During the preparation of marketing assignments, selecting marketing research topics for the research paper is important. Although, without a doubt, this is obvious that the journey of selection is a challenging and tedious process. Therefore, it is suggested to scholars to consider writing on and selecting the best marketing research topics as a step towards the preparation of the whole task.

Here are top 7 top marketing research topics for the scholars to select in 2021:

Research topics on internet marketing:

  1. When buying products online, what are customers looking for?

  2. Australia online marketing policy analysis.

  3. Mobile marketing: Is it functioning?

  4. What are the best remarketing techniques for a small company?

  5. What are the current online marketing trends?

  6. What are American petroleum marketing strategies?

  7. How do users evaluate Facebook advertising companies?

Marketing research topics on distribution:

  1. Things to avoid when constructing new marketing distribution channels.

  2. Using black Friday sales tactics: is it successful?

  3. Tactics and paradigms of modern business marketing.

  4. How are firms using CSR to construct their brands?

  5. How does marketing research relate to business sales?

  6. Major factors that influence young adults' customer satisfaction?

Marketing research topics in consumer behaviour:

  • How marketing advertisements does affect consumer behaviour?

  • Analysis of the behaviour of consumers who buy their wedding suits.

  • Humour: use of it for advertising.

  • Analysis of marketing challenges in the family business.

  • oes the product labels consider by customers?

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Some other trendy marketing research topics:

  1. How do enterprises distinguish their services on a social class basis?

  2. What are the hotel companies' best marketing strategies?

When you find it a challenging task to write your marketing research assignment in the given time, the best option for you is to seek quality expert assistance from the experts. Following are some reasons which shows why students find research writing difficult while preparing their tasks:

  • Time or deadline issues that scholars find difficult to beat.

  • Inadequate resources for completing the proposed tasks at their best.

  • Scholars generally have multiple other tasks like jobs and competitive exams that go concurrently and cannot be ignored or postponed anyway.

  • Poor or lack of knowledge about assignment writing skills which are responsible to make an impact on scholar’s grade.

  • Difficult or complex assignment framing is hard to prepare or make.

  • Need to score higher grades.

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