Learning Of Economic Theory Through Case Teaching - Beyond The Lecture

Have you wondered why case study assignments or homework are given in colleges or universities? We all know that solving a case study is a real-world problem, case studies with correct or incorrect and relevant or irrelevant research which are very important to interpret or come up with solutions. It is very common for undergraduate students of business and law to use the case study to complete any assignment or to include it in their research. Nowadays, “case study” become an integral part of and quite popular for economics education. A case study in economic education helps in the development of three important objectives: mastering the economic principles, applying the principles to reality and systematically analyzing the policy issue. Our Economics Assignment Help from experts will help economics students to complete their assignments with the proper case study.

What is the case study method?

A case study in academics has been in practice for a very long time. It has been discussed in section 2 of the paper that case study resembles guidance in teaching various subjects including law, medicine, psychology and business. In recent time case study is using under economics, because various theory exists in economics which can only be understood thoroughly with the help of case study.

The first and foremost thing which is also very important in teaching is that a case is a need to put in the place purposely within the structure of the study material. One thing which is very important to keep in mind is that one case often fit into the structure of several study material. If you have assigned any homework then you have to keep in mind that, the cases you want to describe in your assignment must be relatable to the classes and the study material which is particularly concerned with the theory. Cases in the assignment, help to learn or understand the theory in an alternative way. Students can take Finance Assignment Help from us to complete their assignment, our expert will beautifully describe the relevant case studies in their assignment so that students can score good marks.

What Is The Case Study Method

Guidance to case studies

It has been said by Boehrer that the case study is based upon the philosophy of professional education, basically associating knowledge directly with the operation. The philosophy of the case study rejects the fact that first passive learning is important for students and then applying the knowledge. Instead of this, the student should follow the case study method which will allow the student to follow the method of real education which consist of progressive and constant learning, combination and reordering of their learning experiences.

Two fundamental principles are there which are pointed out by the case study method. Firstly, for the students, the best learning technique is when students learn everything through their struggles, and secondly, the most important and useful kind of learning cannot be taught it can only be learned through one’s own practical experiences. This method helps to build higher orders of skills in the students. The advantages the students get from the case study are:

Get motivated to learn theory:

The undergraduate economics students soon started to realize that they need to learn the theory in detail as they do not have the tool to deal with the task.

Application of theory:

The main aim of economic study is that students has to implement economic studies and theory. Through the case method, the student will be forced to point out the theories which will best be addressed the economic problems which are under investigation.

Using evidence:

It is often noticed that practical analysis, which is conducted by analytical tools and theoretical concepts, is the center of many economic modules. It is often requisite for students to reinforce the capacity to use quantitative evidence. To solve the economic problems, students have to represent, comment, and manipulate on the raw data that is presented in the case study.

Get Motivated To Learn Theory

The method of case study is a very rich and powerful technique which will help the student to develop useful skills.

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Applying the value of the case teaching method in an economic course

Case teaching is a teaching mode which helps in promoting interaction between the student and the teacher, which can eventually help to overcome the drawbacks of the traditional teaching culture, and which is proven to be an effective way to innovate the classroom teaching mode of the undergraduate. The students can be guided and they can master the knowledge and can also be able to effectively analyze the case through the method of case teaching.

The value that has been added by the case teaching method in the economic course are:

Firstly, it will help the economic students to gain a wealth of theoretical knowledge and also help to gain certain practical abilities. Secondly, in economics, the practical training is very limited and the student not able to complete their practical operation training through practical learning. Thirdly, students can able to build the habit of independent thinking and also it will enable students to think, analyze, discuss and summarize the specific case. Fourthly, case teaching helps in building and improving the relationship between the teacher and the students, by participating in the case analysis along with the teacher. Etc.


Through case teaching the student can able to reflect on the economic theory that they have used in the process of case analysis. For any assignment help visit Treat assignment help UK for the best support.


What is the case study method in learning and teaching?

The instructional method is referred to in an assignment based on a situation in which students have to observe, analyze, discuss, implement and conclude their assignment, that is called case studies.

Why do we use the case study method in teaching economics?

This approach in teaching economics helps the students to fulfil the goals which include applying theory by students, using evidence and recognizing the actual range of applying the economic study.

What are the three methods of the case study?

Intrinsic, instrumental and collective are the three main types of case studies. Through the intrinsic case study, students can able to learn about the distinct situations.

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